US streets are in trouble

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are able to step back and take a stand and say – I am fed up – and I can do that job better. The current course that the country is headed in is the wrong course. I oppose President Obama’s philosophy and ideology on what good government is. I oppose the ideology of our current representative, because of the bad policies that he has voted for over the course of his career, which I believe has contributed towards destroying the American spirit.

The words of Thomas Jefferson, to the Maryland Republicans, in 1809 were: “The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the first and only legitimate object of good government.” I believe in these words, because there is balance and a philosophy we can all agree with.

My decision to run for a seat in the United States House of Representatives is based on two things: first, I want to ensure that our constitutional liberties become the single most desired goal in Congress again and secondly, to be the voice of our common conscience.

Our common conscience tells us that America’s Street, our Main Street, is in trouble. We know that if Americans are free to invest and free to expand on ideas, then prosperity will return to Main Street. We owe our freedoms to the great men of our nation’s history who had a common conscience. They knew the guarantees that were born from their great ideas would ultimately build a great nation. We owe our posterity the wealth of what that common conscience has always brought to America’s growth and its successes.

Throughout our history, our country has suffered some bad times along with some very good times. I want to restore the good times in America that I believe all of us want to share. I believe that our nation is great, because the people of our nation are great. However, to be great again, the nation has to come together, to want liberty and have our American ideals work for everyone – so that the great ideas of tomorrow can be fostered without government dictating policy and putting limits on the greatness that we all strive for.

We must be bold, because, in the end, it is our responsibility and our constitutional right to question our elected leaders on why bad policies and weak ideas have been chosen over the bright ideas and the right policies that will create a strong America.

I believe in America and the traditional values it stands for. I believe that an individual should get rewarded for their hard work, just as I believe poverty in the streets of America shouldn’t exist. It is the culmination of bad policy initiatives that affects both of these things. To cure this a combination of pro growth economic development policies, such as lower taxes, that encourage investment and job creation with limited government interference is the only way to get America working again and to restore the American spirit of self and community.

If you share these thoughts, then get involved with this citizen’s campaign. This election is all about Main Street. It’s all about creating prosperity for our posterity. This election is all about electing a working citizen to serve the constituency here in the 9th. I will provide the leadership that is derived from somebody that is used to doing hard work, who has the experience, passion, drive and common sense to move America forward.I cannot think of a better way to start this campaign than by asking you to “TAKE A WALK DOWN MAIN STREET WITH ME .”